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Apartment Industry Professionals - 11 Tips for a Better Resume

Posted on Fri, Jul 08, 2011 @ 09:30 AM

Twenty five years of hiring property management professionals and running a staffing company have given me a little insight about resumes and what hiring managers are looking for when they read your resume.  More important sometimes are the things they do not want to see on your resume, so here are a few do’s and don’ts for your resume.

1.  Spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes tell me you do not pay attention to details.

2.  Do not include a photo.  Race, ethnicity and age cannot be taken into account and you are making it easier for it to happen at the front end with a photo.

3.  Although most resumes are submitted online, showing up to the interview with a hard copy is a good idea as long as it on white or some off white color paper.  No neon colored marketing flyers please!

4.  Don't be lazy...Tailor yoResume tips for Apartment Professionalsur resume to the job!  Tell me why you are a good fit for this job!

5.  Don't just list your job responsibilities; tell me about your accomplishments.  If I am looking for a property manager, I typically know what an assistant manager does so tell me why you add value to the property or company.

6.  Do not include references until you know what references you want to disclose  to the employer, and you need to let the references know when and who should be contacting them for a reference.

7.  Stay away from platitudes, industry jargon and buzzwords.  Most are over-used and have very little impact on the reader.  Focus on quantitative contributions you have made at work.

8.  Your hobbies and outside interests are typically irrelevant to the job and should be left off.  You like to ride a motorcycle and enjoy scrapbooking, awesome - how does that make you a better property manager?

9.  Use bullet points and no more than three sentences per bullet point.  I may be reviewing one hundred or more resumes and I want to be able to scan them quickly.  Please don't make it any more difficult for me to read your resume.   

10.  Use a professional email address just for your job search.  This seems so obvious, but you would be surprised how many I unprofessional email addresses I see!!

11.  An address, phone number (cell is preferable with a professional message), and an email address are easy to overlook but absolutely necessary.


-John Cullens

President and Founder of ApartmentCareers

The ApartmentCareers.Com network is America's most visited network of career sites for the apartment industry.  John Cullens, the Founder, has been published in most major industry publications and magazines. You can contact him at 877.856.6668 or email: info@apartmentcareers.com.

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