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Is Your Apartment Job Ad Boring? (Part 2 of 2)

Posted on Tue, Aug 09, 2011 @ 10:00 AM

Best Practices for Job Ads

Last week I posted part one of this blog and addressed the two keys (format and content) to developing a job ad that works.  So today we will outline a three part template to make the task of writing a job posting that works a little easier and more effective.

1. Introduction and the Opening Statement:  The first five lines of the job listing are the most critical.  Studies show if a company doesn’t have the candidate’s attention within the first five lines, he or she will move along to the next opportunity.
The following items should be addressed in the following order:

  1. Why this opportunity is a dream job?
  2. Why this company is an “employer of choice”?
  3. Compensation range
  4. A commitment to privacy protection and confidentiality.

2. The Body: ABC’s-Advantages, Benefits and Capabilities. Companies need to address the “what’s in it for me” attitude of the job seeker.

The “advantages” will answer key questions the candidate will likely have about the career opportunity.

  1. What will I get to do?
  2. What will I get to learn?
  3. What will I get to accomplish?
  4. Whom will I work with?
  5. How will I advance my career?

The “benefits” section of the posting should not be boilerplate HR jargon. It must be tailored to the target demographic and what is important to them. Describe the benefits and their value to the candidate.

The “capabilities” section reviews the requirements of the position, but it should be done from the candidate’s prospective. The company needs to answer the following questions in the job post:

  1. What skills and experience are necessary to be successful in this position?
  2. What preparation will enable a candidate to make a meaningful contribution?
  3. What knowledge will a candidate need to advance my career?

3. Closing: Call to Action.  A well-written job posting can be completely undermined without a “call to action” for the candidate. Companies need to include all of the following in a post’s closing:

  1. Multiple Response Options. Make it easy for the candidate to contact a company representative by giving them multiple avenues to reach you.
  2. Referral Requests. Ask candidates to pass along the job posting to a friend or colleague.
  3. Opt-In Opportunity. Ask the candidate if the company can stay in touch with him or her through regular email communication. An automated response should include an opt-in request.

Selling candidates on your opportunity, especially those that are currently employed, is not an easy task and there is no silver bullet or job posting description that will get it done every time.  It can be done more efficiently and effectively if recruitment ads read more like a marketing brochure and not like the side of a cereal box.  If your company will follow these methods for recruiting, they will set themselves apart and will build a strong message and increase their brand awareness to the top talent in the marketplace.

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