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Helping Military Personnel and Military Spouses Find Employment

Posted on Mon, Jan 02, 2012 @ 11:24 AM

Want a Direct Path to Finding Skilled Talent?

   Hiring Military Personnel and hiring Military Spouses gives your business a great advantage. You gain employees who have a high work ethic right out of the gate. Employment for military personnel within your company provides excellent examples for motivation for other employees. Some of the other key factors to consider are that you get someone who is

Able to work well under pressure.Hiring a Vet

Able to solve problems with a success rate above the average worker.

Able to be a team player from the first day.

Able to work independently with minimal direction.

Able to be flexible when you need it and much much more!

  The key word in this list is ABLE-Hiring a military personnel or a military spouse (who has had to go it alone for perhaps many months and handle EVERYTHING while their spouse is away) gives you a great advantage in employing an ABLE worker from the first day!

  Military Personnel and Military Spouses come to you with a high level of integrity, built-in leadership skills from training and on-the-job military work and a great diversity of personnel who can enhance your business with new visions and ideas.

  Also, there is a possible tax credit for you of $2,400 for hiring a veteran.

   If you are wondering how to hire a veteran, go to ApartmentCareers.Com or the NAAEI Career Site, ApartmentCareersHQ.org (hosted by ApartmentCareers.com), and post your job announcements. You will be glad you did!


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