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Job Seeker Tips - Find Employment By Following A Few Important Tips!

Posted on Thu, Mar 08, 2012 @ 12:47 PM

                       Are you looking for a job?

There are easy to follow tips which WILL help you find a job sooner than you might expect!

First, if you are without a job right now, then finding a job IS your current job!! You need to discipline yourself each day to spend at LEAST 5 hours a day actively looking for your next job. Job websites (general, industry focused, and geography focused), locate trade association and professional groups to research job fairs and networking events, and spend at least a third of your time reaching out to your network and develop additional contacts. Your networking calls need to be focused on gathering additional contacts and new resources for information.  See if you can get five new names every day.  Start by talking to your friends and friends.  You can ask them how they found their job, who did they talk to and who gave them the best information and job leads.  Broaden your horizons and constantly look for new industries or positions that can put your skills to use quickly.  Let's say you have never considered the Apartment Industry as a career opportunity, you can visit our website under "Job Seekers" and you can register for FREE, sign up to get emails about job openings in locations that interest you. Almost every industry has a career center or job board focused on employers and jobs within the industry.  With over 40,000 career sites and job boards there is bound to be at least a handful that are targeted to jobs that you are interested.  You have 5 hours a day at a MINIMUM and LOTS to do, right?

People looking for a job.

Second, everyone has bad days...you, me, the man on the corner, the lady who hands you a cup of coffee. It's OK to have a bad day, and sometimes when you are looking for work they can even run together. Understand that, expect that, and try again the next day and make changes to the routine and focus your efforts and allocate your hours differently for a few days. You will be proud of yourself for trying and having the determination that WILL MAKE IT ALL PAY OFF.

Lastly, you have to keep a job hunting log.  Write down all of the activities you do every day.  Every job you applied to online or in person, every phone call you made looking for referrals or individuals who will act as references, websites visited, companies researched, trade publications researched, and the results of all of these and your other activities.  Every week you need to review the activities and determine which ones are returning dividends and then fine tuning your future search efforts based on the past results.  Learn what works for you and in your field of expertise. Keep you EYES and EARS open, keep yourself grounded and keep your horizons open to trying something new.  What kind of job you are looking for may get adjusted each week in addition to the methods you are using to find and apply for those positions. Hard Work and Focused Effort will lead to Good Luck!



Success in finding a job.

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