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Resumes for Apartment Career Positions-Qualifications Shine Through

Posted on Sat, Aug 18, 2012 @ 01:11 PM

                        Best Foot Forward


We learn early in life that it pays to put our best foot forward. This remains true in the business world as well. As President and CEO of the job board, ApartmentCareers.com, I have looked at a great many resumes.Reviewing Resumes


Let’s set up a scenario. I am at my desk and I have 75 resumes in front of me-all for the same position. What is going to “pop” out on a resume for me to notice it? Sticking to facts, I have a job I need to fill and I need to find the best qualified person for the job. I am wanting to find a qualified person right away.


Those resumes that include a Summary of Qualifications at the front of the resume are the ones I am going to check out right away. The experiences and qualifications of the job seeker will be right there in front for me to see. Then, if I find what I am looking for there, I will look at the other points they include in their resume.

Always keep the employer in mind when you are creating the resume. Think about what will attract their attention in the 10-12 seconds they look at it. Be honest and come to the point in each of the sections you add.


ApartmentCareers.com has started a new program involving resumes. Go to our Facebook page and “like” it, then go to our website and register as a job seeker.  At that point, if you want help making your resume a winner, you would follow the instructions on our Facebook page and send an email to our representative. She will contact you and set up a personal call wherein your resume will be discussed and  she will make every effort to make it a “winner.”


ApartmentCareers.com is making an effort to personalize your experience with us and make it one of the best job boards on the internet! We are putting our best foot forward too!

What are you waiting for......you may get one hint or more which will be just what is needed to add that special "sparkle" to your resume needed to get an interview AND the position of your dreams!Just got that apartment job


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