Need a Recruiting Concierge

Recruiting Concierge Program - We can Streamline Your Hiring Process

Online job postings often attract a flood of candidates that may or may not be qualified. The Recruiting Concierge program is designed to help employers streamline the hiring process and bridge the gap between a job posting and a full service professional recruiter. This service is offered by ApartmentCareers at a fraction of the cost of a contingency or retained search recruiting service and fulfills the employer’s need for well qualified candidates who are sourced from the masses and pre-qualified.

How It Works

An employer purchases the Recruiting Concierge Program as an add-on service to each individual job posting requiring special attention. The Recruiting Concierge will then facilitate the sourcing and screening process following our proven system. This package provides a more hands-on approach to screening, selecting and hiring only the most qualified applicants. The system removes the initial activities of sourcing and screening candidates from the hiring manager’s schedule and frees their time for the critical interviews of pre-qualified candidates.

Benefits to your Company

  • Provides highly skilled and qualified candidates that have completed and passed the pre-screening process.
  • Allows for efficient and effective transitions between hiring and on-boarding by shortening the recruiting process.
  • Includes a professionally written employer profile, job description and questionnaire that appeals to the best candidates and eliminates unqualified applicants.
  • The job posting is automatically upgraded to a featured job (highlighted on the job seeker main page in bold and with a star in search results) for maximum exposure.
  • Eliminates the cost of hiring a third party recruiter.
  • Hand-delivered qualified applicants along with their answers to the pre-screening questions.
  • Employer has complete control over what types of candidates are delivered to their inbox.
Employer Experience

After the package has been purchased, the Recruiting Concierge will contact the employer via phone within one business day. During the call, the Recruiting Concierge will gather additional information about the organization, the position they are looking to fill, and candidate requirements. Based on the employer feedback, the Recruiting Concierge will create:

  • an enhanced version of the job description
  • an employer profile to illustrate the company mission, background, achievements, employee perks, etc.
  • a candidate questionnaire based on feedback and requirements approved by the employer.

When a candidate applies to the position, the application will be automatically sent directly to the Recruiting Concierge. From there, the job seeker will be contacted and the screening process takes place.

The employer will receive emails with attached files with the top applicants or all applicants based on their answers to the prescreening questions. Once the file is received, the employer can review the answers to all prescreening questions and setup interviews with the most qualified candidates. All applicants are still accessible through the customer account.

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